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A‍nimal Flow

Animal Flow is a Quadrupedal Movement Training (QMT) system designed to improve strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and coordination. Through a series of adaptable and dynamic movements, it has been proven to increase mobility, stability, coordination, explosive power, muscular endurance, and cognition.

Tough Temple is the DMV regional hub for Animal Flow.

What to expect?

Animal Flow consists of six components:

  1. Wrist Mobilizations are simple yet effective movements that prime the hands and wrists for the challenges of Animal Flow. They're vital for all practitioners, making them the first step in the six components.
  2. Activations are progressively challenging isometric holds that are used to awaken the body and encourage it to communicate more effectively.
  3. Form Specific Stretches are full body mobilizations that start from one the four base positions and dynamically move through various ranges of motion. They aim to promote a balance of flexibility and stability across the body's joints.
  4. Traveling Forms are animal-inspired movements designed to enhance the function of the "human animal." Animal locomotion offers unique opportunities to enhance coordination, strength, and cardiovascular conditioning.
  5. Switches and Transitions are dynamic movements that can be seamlessly linked to create countless combinations. They can also be used independently as effective exercises or drills. These are the heart of the Flow in Animal Flow.
  6. Flows are dynamic sequences that integrate various AF movements to create a fluid and continuous practice. They consist of Switches & Transitions, Form Specific Stretches and Traveling Forms.


None required! We have two Animal Flow classes to choose from:

Beginner: This class incorporates drilling of Animal Flow L1 movements, followed by shorter, simpler Flow sequences. The class is excellent for those that are new to Animal Flow, or those that want to drill their movements to become more proficient.

Regular: These classes incorporate longer, more complex Flow sequences.

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